Centenary Camp

8 thoughts on “Centenary Camp

  1. Beth

    Good pictures John, I love the one where your in a plane and you have the other plane and all the fields and things in. The scenery looks fantastic!
    I also like Tom & David boxing they look like they are really laying into each other!!

  2. Mark

    You got to love the laughing expression on gibby’s face when beth floors jane in the jousting, And on the game of killer where me and paul are going up for the catch, looks like emma is trying to hide from a frisbe nowhere near her!!

  3. Graham

    Aye great photo’s john, pinkey looks proper simple at the air base, great shots from the plane aswell!!

  4. David Shield

    Aye some cracking photos there John.

    Agree with Mark, love the expression on Giiby’s face.

    I’m confused as to who the first person replying to this was as it isn’t me?

  5. John Post author

    It was Beth, she was still logged in as you on their PC, i’ve edited it.

    Glad you all like the shots, I know Pinky will be happy when he sees that pic of him :)

  6. John G

    Nice photo’s John but…Jane wonders if you’ve got any shots of her not being pummelled by an Explorer leader (she won!)
    Ellen says thanks for not using the one of her eating. 😀

  7. George and Lesley

    😛 😛 😛

    Great photo’s John.
    I see you captured George’s best feature..
    ‘those legs’!. 😆 😆

    Liked the gliding pictures too.


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